Nature Resounds vol 12 - A concert of birdsong in the month of May

by Lauri Hallikainen



Nature does not recognize national boundaries. For this reason, one could possibly hear these recorded soundscapes not only in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries but also in Russia.

The eight recordings on this CD contain rare and difficult-to-capture soundscapes such as a flooded meadow filled with the songs of the great snipe or the shore around shallow ponds where the sandpiper and wood sandpiper are at home.

The most spectacular birdsong concerts are heard at the end of May. However, the weather can have a major impact on the birds’ desire to sing. When the cold north wind brings a reminder of winter back to the forest, then the birds do not feel inclined to burst into song. However, when the warm breezes from the south or southwest are in the air, then this informs our feathered friends that they should set about building a nest. Those birds which have established their territories are joined by migrants from the south for example, insect-hunting birds; species which start to sing as soon as they arrive. Often these are some of the most melodic choristers, like the thrush nightingale.

The species of birds and occasional mammals, insects and frogs are designated on the tracks except in those cases where the sound is so distant that one can only guess at the species.

I would like to express my warm thanks to all who helped in the creation of this album. I would like to thank colleagues who have also published recordings of Mother Nature. These recordings have given me new perspectives and motivation to release this album. Heartfelt thanks to my wife, Maarit, for her important comments and positive feedback about my choices.

Kuopio, 17th August 2011
Lauri Hallikainen
Producer / Recording engineer


released August 17, 2011



all rights reserved


Lauri Hallikainen Kuopio, Finland

I live in Eastern Finland, in an area which contains a large number of quiet sites, perfect for recording nature. I've been making nature recordings for over 20 years.

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