The Call of Lapland - North of the Arctic Circle Vol 1

by Lauri Hallikainen



This series of publications is devoted to the soundscapes of the Far North. These recordings were made in northern Europe, mainly in Finnish Lapland. The purpose of this series of recordings is to describe authentically the arctic world where the northern taiga forest is gradually replaced by treeless tundra. This transition area encompasses many different types and varying natural environments. These include the wide and unspoiled wilderness forests of Forested Lapland, the unending bare landscapes of Fell Lapland and the distinctive and rich habitat of the mires of Aapa Lapland. Here one can encounter migratory birds or bird species which live in these spots all year round, birds whose song can only be heard in these remote environments. These northern species include the Siberian Tit, the Little Bunting, the Jack Snipe and the Temminck’s Stint etc., all of which can be heard on this CD.

My first recording expedition to Lapland took place in June, 2000. At that time, my goal was to record a singing Bluethroat. Though this goal was achieved, I knew that I would have to return again and again to these landscapes. Subsequently, I devised the idea of making a recording of northern soundscapes. This project proved to be a very challenging task, mainly due to the changing weather conditions in Lapland. However, over the years I have succeeded in recording soundscapes which have not been previously recorded. I want to thank friends, guides, helpers and birdwatchers and all of you who have contributed to the recording of the first CD in what is intended to be a series of recordings. My warmest thanks to my wife Maarit for her support and encouragement.

Kuopio, 10 April 2007
Lauri Hallikainen
Producer / Recording engineer


released April 10, 2007



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Lauri Hallikainen Kuopio, Finland

I live in Eastern Finland, in an area which contains a large number of quiet sites, perfect for recording nature. I've been making nature recordings for over 20 years.

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